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Day Productions has produced four award-winning documentaries and is currently completing a fifth: The Catalpa Rescue.

  • Stepan Chemical

    This is a story of a U.S.-based runaway chemical plant that relocated in the Mexican border town of Matamoros to escape environmental regulations.

    Because of this film and pressure from national groups, Stepan Chemical eventually cleaned up this plant.

    “This video effectively shows the brutal cost of free trade and the maquila system which expanded in Mexico under the North American Free Trade Agreement.” -- The Multinational Monitor.

    (TRT: 18min) Price: $19.95

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  • River of Broken Promises

    The New River is an offshoot of the Colorado River which flows into Mexico and Colorado River, which runs into Mexico and doubles back through Calexico. Environmentalists consider it the most polluted waterway in North America. For 50 years, five U.S. Presidents have vowed to clean up the New River, arguably the most polluted waterway in North America. We also discovered that a group of high school students in Calexico knew more about the New River than the chairman.

    In this documentary, actor Martin Sheen shows how the people of Mexicali, Mexico and Calexico, Calif. pressured authorities on both sides of the border to clean up the New River.

    (TRT: 23 min.) Price: $19.95

  • Sex Traffickikng: Looking for the Indicators

    Human trafficking ranks as the second largest organized crime in the United States. This Emmy Award-winning video portrays three scenes involving human trafficking:
    1) young women forced into prostitution.
    2) a domestic violence call involving forced prostitution
    3) a brothel arrest showing several young people involved in prostitution.

    (TRT: 21 min.) Price: $19.95

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  • The San Patricios

    During the U.S. intervention In Mexico (1846-47), more than 500 immigrants, mostly Irish, deserted the U.S. army and joined forces with Mexico. Were these men traitors or heroes? You be the judge.

    Historian Howard Zinn calls this film “Absolutely enthralling…. Dynamite material. A superb job.”

    (TRT: 47 min.)

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    Individuals Price: $25


    Schools, libraries, etc Price: 79.95 (PPR)