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Current Projects

  • In Post-Production:

    The Catalpa Escape


    Shooting the Catalpa Escape near
    Fremantle, Western Australia.

    (To be released this fall)

    In 1876, the whaling ship Catalpa quietly left New Bedford Harbor in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Nobody except its captain, George Anthony, knew that the ship was on a secret mission to rescue six Irish political prisoners being held in the Fremantle Jail in Western Australia.  Prior to the voyage, a vast fundraising effort had taken place to purchase the Catalpa, miraculously escaping the scrutiny of British spies.

    Day Productions has done extensive research on the Catalpa expedition, interviewing leading experts and filming re-enactments both in the U.S. and at the Fremantle prison in Western Australia. 
    (Purchase: soon to be announced.)
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    Gary MacEoin

    (To be released in 2008)

    Gary MacEoin (right) with
    priest poet Ernesto Cardenal in Nicaragua.

    When Gary MacEoin was asked to leave a Redemptorist seminary in Ireland two weeks before his ordination in the 1930’s, he felt devastated, but determined to make something of himself as a scholar, lawyer and writer. Years later, he realized that his superiors had done him a favor by setting him free. He earned degrees in Spanish literature and law, making a living as a Dublin newspaper reporter. In the early 1940’s he traveled to the Caribbean and began editing a newspaper in Trinidad. Later he moved to New York, all the while making frequent trips to Latin America.

    While well versed in the politics, cultures and economics of  the southern hemisphere,  MacEoin was even better prepared as a theologian to report on  the profound changes that would take place in the Catholic church there from the 1960’s to the present. He reported for The National Catholic Reporter for more than four decades and  wrote more than 50 books on themes ranging from the Second Vatican Council to liberation theology. He had personal friendships with people like Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador and Ernesto Cardenal, the priest poet of Nicaragua. All the while, until his death at age 92, MacEoin remained simple and unassuming, never letting on that he knew more theology than the bishops he frequently criticized as a  loyal Catholic. He traveled widely, yet lived simply and had few possessions. He once remarked that he had to borrow a tie to interview President Mary Robinson of Ireland.  Just before his death he wrote, “I have experienced many re-interpretations of reality, and shed progressively beliefs and viewpoints that I found mistaken. I am grateful to all the people and experiences that taught me whatever I know.’

    For eight years Day Productions followed Gary MacEoin on his travels and interviewed him on several occasions for this hour-long biographical documentary. 
    (Purchase to be announced.)
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    Chunky Sanchez and Los Alacranes

    (To be released in 2008)

    A Mark Day / Paul Espinosa co-production


    Ramon Chunky Sanchez

    Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez was born to Mexican immigrant parents in the desert town of Blythe, California. He grew up nourished by the Mexican corridors (ballads) his mother sang to him while she strummed her guitar.  As a teen he joined the farm worker struggle and walked picket lines for Cesar Chavez and his United Farm Workers Union.  In 1969 he was recruited along with other farm worker youths to attend San Diego State University. There he would develop his talents as a musician and culture worker. For the next 35 years Chunky Sanchez would become the unofficial bard of San Diego’s Chicano community. He and his band, Los Alacranes, shunned mainline commercial venues, opting instead to perform at street fairs, rallies, fundraisers and family celebrations. Sanchez has written songs about social struggles such as Rising Souls (“You gotta educate, not incarcerate.”)  Chicano Park,  and humorous pieces such as “Chorizo Sandwich.”  Ramon “Chunky” Sanchez is also an elder in his community and an expert on gang prevention and community organization.
    (Purchase to be announced.)
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